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Many of the programs provided by The Young at Heart Center could not exist without the support of federal funding. The federal government requires that centers receiving funds compile, collect, and report certain data and statistics in order to continue  to receive funding. We use the Aging needs Evaluation Summary form (also called an AGNES) is used to collect the necessary data for these reports. This data is also very important in assisting the center in  meeting the needs of the people we serve.

If you are new to the center, or it is time for you to fill out an Agnes form for the new year, please take a moment to download form using the link (see the right side of this page). Once completed, you may mail the form to the center using the address below, or simply bring it with you the next time you come in.

If you have any questions, please call the center and we will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for your support!


Young at Heart Staff




Young at Heart Center

2400 Reagan Ave.

Rock Springs, WY 82901






Kandi Lewis

Outreach Coordinator

Telephone: 352-6737 ext. 104


Click here to download our AGNES form

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